Do children need a hearing aid for mild hearing loss?

Many parents are psychologically unable to accept the fact that their children are hearing loss. They are unwilling to let others know that some parents think that their children have no problems, or that the problems are not serious. They do not need to wear hearing aids, so the children are delayed. Children are in the stage of auditory speech development. Although the louder voices can be heard when parents and children communicate, there are some small voices that children can’t feel. Even some children may have slurred speech and autism. Reflecting the slow situation. It is best to have a hearing aid before the age of two or three, no later than five or six years old.


Need to wear a hearing aid, A child with mild hearing loss may be affected:

1. I can’t hear clearly: When the voice is very small or far away, you can hear the sound but can’t hear clearly.

2. In a noisy environment, there are problems in listening to difficulties: in a noisy environment, there will be problems of hearing difficulties, and children may affect learning at school.

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