Does a child’s poor hearing affect his or her speech?

There will definitely be some influence. If the child has a bad hearing, I can’t hear what others are saying, I won’t be able to speak, and communication will be less. Slowly, the character will be a little autistic, and I will not be willing to contact the outside world. The age of character will form a character of loneliness and inferiority. It is not only talking but also living. Be careful when going out. It is very dangerous to hear the horn of a car when crossing the road. We have a person there, listening. It’s not good. I didn’t even watch the road. I just had a car passing by. The speed was relatively fast. The driver started to honk the speaker. He didn’t react at all. Someone on the road called him. He didn’t respond. Fortunately, the driver compared Conscience, directly hit the side of the road on the fence, the car almost crashed, or he will not be dead, so there are problems to solve early, or wait for an accident, regret is not anxious.


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