Does the child hearing aid look the same as an adult hearing aid?

Child hearing aidIs it different from the appearance of an adult hearing aid? This topic is biased, whether it is children or adults, even if it is only children, different manufacturers and brands are different, can only be said to be similar; children’s hearing aids and adult hearing aids are functionally The differences are mainly determined by different hearings. Children’s hearing aids and adult hearing aids are indistinguishable, just because the adult ear canal has been formed, the appearance of the machine can have the appearance of the back and the machine, and some will affect the appearance of the machine because of the weight of the hearing loss, children generally When hearing is allowed, the ear canal is not formed before (almost14Around the age) will use the back and back machine.


The appearance of the hearing aid is not divided between children and adults. The hearing aid is professionally fitted according to the hearing loss of the hearing loss group. The appearance is divided into the ear type and the ear type. The appearance can be selected according to each person’s own situation. Because the ear canal is not fully developed, the ear type is generally selected. More, choose the in-ear type, you need to replace the shell regularly.

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