Does the hearing aid cause inflammation of the ear?

Nowadays, more and more patients with poor hearing have adopted hearing aids to communicate with the outside world, but many people do not understand the hearing aids, so there are many questions about hearing aids, many of them care about Will the ear become inflamed after the hearing aid??Wearing a hearing aid will not cause inflammation of the ear!


solutio1: Wearing a hearing aid does not cause inflammation of the ear if it does not have otitis media. If you have had otitis media, wear a hearing aid and pay attention to clean the ear canal. solutio2: Wearing a hearing aid will not have any side effects! This can be assured! solutio3: If the ear itself has inflammation, it is necessary to wait for the inflammation to be good before wearing a hearing aid. If there is no inflammation, it will not cause inflammation. It may be a little uncomfortable when wearing it. solutio4: will not. Always pay attention to the cleanliness of the ear canal and hearing aids. Wipe the hearing aid without wearing it. The ear has inflammatory water and pus. Try not to wear a hearing aid. solutio5: If you have inflammation, wear the ear canal when you wear it. When washing your hair, take care not to let the water into your ears. Before you wear the hearing aid, clean the ear. The hearing aid itself will not cause inflammation of the ear. Hearing patients with otitis media are not suitable for custom-made machines in the ear. It is best to choose a behind-the-ear machine.

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