Does the hearing aid have its own adjustment of clarity?

can hearAndHear clearlyThere are two different concepts. Hearing is the most basic function of the human ear, and listening to it really involves the ability to distinguish. Can not understand the hearing aids that can be considered with good clarity. The external adjustment of the hearing aid can only adjust the volume, and you cannot adjust the resolution yourself.

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The ones that are adjusted by themselves are only analog, and the sound size can be adjusted. However, if the definition is clear, it is better to choose all-digital computer programming. The debugging is more precise and precise, and the professional degree of the hearing aid is far greater than that of the glasses. The ear is not good, and the loss at different frequency points of the speech is different. Now the all-digital computer programming hearing aid requires fine adjustment of the professional to achieve good results. And the hearing aid is not finished, just need a professional after-sales service guarantee.

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