Does the hearing aid have side effects?

Through the professional fitting of the selected hearing aid, not only will not hurt the hearing, but will continue to enhance the speech resolving ability of the hearing impaired and the ability to perceive the sound. However, if the hearing aid is not properly fitted, it is very likely to cause further hearing loss or cause problems for the hearing impaired. Therefore, it is necessary to go to the professional fitting center of hearing aids, and the fittings of professional fitting qualifications can be equipped with hearing aids, which cannot be purchased at will. Wearing a hearing aid can be dependent, which means that the hearing aid is helpful to you, so you can’t do without a hearing aid and you need a hearing aid to improve your daily communication.


The hearing aid is to intervene in the ear. Just like wearing glasses, there are no side effects. Nowadays, the hearing aids are basically digital hearing aids that are debugged by the computer. The fitter will debug the hearing aid according to the hearing situation of each person, which can protect the residual hearing. It is best not to choose an analog hearing aid for the optional hearing aid. The analog hearing aid has no compression function, which is equivalent to an amplifier. It is not good for the ear, so it is best to use a digital hearing aid.

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