Does tinnitus affect hearing?Tinnitus affects hearing

Does tinnitus affect hearing??Tinnitus has a certain relationship with hearing loss. Hearing loss is often caused by damage to hair cells on the basement membrane of the cochlea, mainly due to noise, ototoxic drugs and other factors. The inner ear converts the mechanical energy of sound waves into electron energy, and the sound can be accepted by the brain with the auditory nerve. When the inner ear is damaged, hearing loss may occur.


If you suddenly hear strong noise, there will be a long period of reverberation in the human ear, which will fade in a half day. This is the external noise that temporarily damages the human auditory nerve. Long-term noise stimulation can cause nerve damage in the inner ear. Noise-induced tinnitus is mainly caused by the disorder of the spontaneous activity of the auditory nerve fibers. An effective way to avoid noise is to keep away from noise sources or wear earplugs in noisy environments.

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