Domestic hearing aids are reliable? Can domestic hearing aids be used?

In fact, we should not be scared away by these two words. Many hearing aids are imported from abroad and assembled in China. The technology is basically mature. As long as you are in the place where professional hearing aids are used, the hearing test of professional fitters is tested. Wearing a good effect, then this hearing aid is the best for you, don’t think about domestic or imported, because professional places, domestic hearing aids after-sales service is fast, if you get an imported, hearing aids fail, then sent abroad To repair, its cost and time are relatively costly. Professional fitting place, national chain, good service, is your best choice.Mainly depends on whether you are suitable for you at the time of fitting. If you feel that the sound quality is satisfactory, and the debugging is also in place, then this is the best. Domestically produced products will be more expensive than imported hearing aids. Of course, the domestically produced technology is slowly improving. As long as you feel comfortable wearing it, it is clear to listen. So it’s fine, not to say that it is made in China. Not good.


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