Child hearing aid Effective distance–What is the effective distance of the child’s hearing aid?

We often hear complaints from some parents who say that the child is not obedient. When playing with the companion, how to call him not to agree, and other children have heard it, but their children just ignore it. In fact, this is a misunderstanding of the child, telling everyone that because of the influence of many factors, when using the microphone input method, the effective distance of the hearing aid is one meter to one and a half meters. If this distance is exceeded, the hearing aid effect will be greatly reduced.

Therefore, after understanding this truth, parents should not only blame the child for being disobedient, but also pay attention to keeping the distance between the two men less than one and a half meters. Finally, note that children are only wearing oneChild hearing aidWhenever possible, you should communicate with him on the side of the hearing aid wearing the ear.

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