From October 16th to 18th, the high-profile European Conference on Audiology (EUHA) was held in Nuremberg, Germany.

Jinhao and its new hearing aids participated in one of the most well-known summits in the international hearing industry and exchanged with global audiologists and peers to show their style to the world.

It is reported that the European Conference on Audiology (EUHA) is not only the leading audiology conference in Europe, but also the world’s leading exhibition of hearing equipment. It has been held for 64 years. As one of the world’s two major summits for the hearing aid industry, EUHA attracts hearing aid manufacturers, audiologists and people from all over the world in the audiology industry.

At this year’s “European International Audiology Annual Conference”, various new hearing aids, batteries, hearing devices, innovative technologies and novel services have appeared, as well as new hearing protection systems, anti-noise systems, and hearing impairment assistance systems. Other hotspot technologies are also emerging. At present, EUHA has become a professional cooperation platform for hearing aid manufacturers and audiologists, representing the future of the hearing field.

  As an internationally influential enterprise, Jinhao’s products are spread over more than 80 countries on six continents. Currently, Jinhao is still focused on the development and innovation of hearing aids, and continues to make progress. It is committed to creating better products and listening to the world. Disabled service.

This year’s hearing annual meeting is a stop in Jinhao’s global business. Jinhao makes full use of the EUHA platform to promote, actively communicate with customers in the global hearing industry, and explore the development of the hearing industry with customers. This means that Jinhao will further expand its influence and open a new glorious chapter in the international market.

At this year’s European International Hearing Mechanics Annual Meeting, Jinhao Hearing Aid has won unanimous praise and support from exhibitors for its stylish appearance, novel design and good experience. At the booth, wireless Bluetooth rechargeable hearing aids also attracted a large number of Chinese and foreign merchants to stop and consult.

It is worth mentioning that at this exhibition, Jin Hao Chairman Wang Min and General Manager Wang Fang personally led the team and led the engineers of the R&D Center to attend and help Jin Hao. It is precisely because of paying close attention to the cutting-edge technology of the industry that it has been working hard day and night to exchange for the gorgeous appearance of Jin Hao on the international stage.

Link:EUHA 2019 European Conference on Audiology review

Source from the China listed hearing aids factory and supplier: JINGHAO Hearing Aids.

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