Frequency shift hearing aidWhat is a frequency shift hearing aid?

移频“(frequency shifting techniques)The concept has been around for a long time:As early as the 1950s and 1960s, researchers tried to applyFrequency reduction technique“( frequency lowering techniques) Hearing and language training.(Ben net and Byers.1967; Beasley et al.11)Professor Zhang Jiaxuan, a famous science in China, is also1998He has published articles on frequency shifting technology in the year. The idea at the time was to match the bandwidth of the speech signal to the patient’s better sensitive residual auditory dynamic range rather than attempting to respond to the high frequency hearing that no longer existed. There are many ways to perform non-proportional and proportional frequency conversions, however they are not used for wearable devices or language tools. For example, a tone changing device is a method of non-proportional frequency conversion, which causes unnatural changes in language sound through constant frequency shift, which does not help language understanding. Because the method of non-proportional frequency conversion does not protect the corresponding relationship between morphemes in the speech signal, it interferes with hearing.

Proportional frequency shifting is similar to slow playback of a recorder, that is, recording at normal speed and then playing at a slower speed, so this method maintains the corresponding spectral positional relationship between morphemes in the language. However, it is unrealistic to turn a tape recorder into a wearable device and record and slow it in real time. United StatesEMILYAlways using one移频Device, the principle of the device statistics is based o1000—-2000HZSpectral information within the range is critical to language acceptance.EMILYThe device can detect the phoneme and energy composition of this range and then move the copy in the higher or lower frequency band to make its sound characteristics more audible. This frequency shift allows the selected phoneme to be increased in real time. While this technique can be used on wearable devices, it presents hope for patients with a wide range of hearing loss. However, the relevant clinical data is limited. Early frequency shift hearing aids produced by Hyde Company are a kind of utilizatio慢放Extra-power hearing aid with frequency shifting technology(1994Year)In order to overcome the limitations of traditional hearing aids, it applies proportional慢放Frequency compression, by using an electronic tape device, it will signal the language almost实时The ground moves and compresses proportionally. It also plays a consonant push on the low-frequency consonant information. It tries to move the useful high-frequency signal to the low-frequency area that can be utilized. In theory, moving the high-frequency consonant signal that the patient cannot hear to the audible low-frequency region should overcome the dilemma that ordinary hearing aids can’t do for patients with little or no high-frequency residual hearing.

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