Have you made a baby anterior deafness gene test?

The child was naughty, and after hearing a slap in the palm, he couldn’t hear it; when he was born, he had a good hearing. After a vaccine, he suddenly fell awkward… Most of the cases were considered accidents or accidents, but have you ever thought about it? Is it caused by a defect in the deafness gene that the child has?

Experts said that there is60%The deafness is related to genetic factors. The detection of deafness genes can predict in advance whether the baby carries the deafness gene and avoid the occurrence of hereditary deafness. In the case of deafness, the hearing aid can be fitted or cochlear implant at the best time. To avoid dumbness caused by cockroaches.

Parents with normal hearing also have deafness baby

According to statistics, in the defects of newborns, congenital deafness is in the forefront. Experts say that many parents still believe that only parents who are deaf can inherit, and normal hearing does not need to worry. “In fact, the reality is that it is currently discovered.90%The parents of the deaf children have normal hearing. They may be carriers of deafness genes. They do not have their own disease, but they will pass the disease-causing gene to the next generation and cause the child to become ill. ”

It is understood that the common cariogenic genes in the Chinese population areGJB2,GJB3,SLC26A4AndmtDNA. Deafness caused by mutations in these four genes, accounting for the entire genetic deafness60%. Therefore, as long as you grasp these four genes, you can basically find the cause of most deafness.

Have a family history of deafness, it is best to look up the ear deaf gene before the child

Because hearing-impaired parents do not worry about whether children have congenital deafness, screening for deafness genes is currently recommended for use in more family history of deafness.

Experts say that no matter whether it is a parent or a family member who has a history of deafness, it should be screened for deafness before pregnancy. In addition, due to the opening of the second child policy, the possibility of mutations in many older parents’ genes is also It is very important to carry out deafness gene detection in advance.

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