When a graduate of a college was interviewing for a job, he did not hear the question that the examiner asked him three times, and eventually lost a good job opportunity. After the doctor diagnosed, the reason for the student’s hearing loss was mainly due to hearing fatigue caused by listening to the Walkman for a long time. At present, a method of rapidly improving English listening is popular in college campuses, that is, wearing a Walkman while sleeping. Experts say that this practice will cause serious damage to hearing.

It is undeniable that modern technology does bring us more life. Many young people are used to walking on the road, listening to songs with headphones in the car, and habitually using the headphones on the side of the road to “snap” the phone porridge. For them, wearing earplugs or earphones, speaking or listening to music can be free from interference from others, and does not disturb others, but unconsciously suffer from sudden deafness.

Be careful that the headphones will steal your hearing quietly.

Everyone knows that certain drugs, diseases, accidental injuries can cause hearing damage, but when we think about the surrounding sounds, do you know that some of these sounds may unwittingly hurt your hearing? . According to a survey published by the American Medical Association magazine, 15% of 6To19-year-olds surveyed have symptoms of hearing loss. Experts exclaimed that Americans began to change 20 years earlier than expected, and more and more hearing-impaired teenagers, many people in their 40s have the same hearing status as those in their 70s. Experts believe that the main culprit in hearing loss is noise.

Many people think that using the earphones of the mobile phone is very small, and it will not hurt the ears. The earplugs will send all the sound into the ear, and the energy will be released in a concentrated manner. If it is used for a long time, it will cause irreparable hearing damage, such as being noisy all day long. Charged in a noisy environment. Over time, many people have lost their hearing unconsciously.

Young white-collar workers should attach great importance to hearing health care. The best prevention method is to “charge” electricity in life work. Don’t wear earphones to use your mobile phone or listen to music on your phone for a long time. Those who need to wear headphones for work, especially those with built-in headphones, should master the principle of 60-60-60. This is also the internationally recognized method of protecting hearing. When listening to music, the volume should not exceed 60% of the maximum volume. Do not listen for more than 60 minutes in a row, and the outside sound should not exceed 60 decibels. When in a noisy environment such as subway or public transportation, you should minimize the wearing of headphones. Also, don’t sleep with headphones, otherwise it will hurt your ears more.

Occasionally, if you can’t hear the situation, you should do a hearing screening in time. The earlier the treatment, the better the effect, and the late treatment will cause lifelong deafness. To prevent sudden deafness, relax your mood, reduce stress, drink less coffee and vigorously sprinkle, establish a healthy lifestyle, and avoid colds.

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