Hearing aid battery is used very fast, what is going on?

In fact, the length and duration of the hearing aid, the power of the hearing aid, the environment Personal use, the length of time has a clear relationship, hearing aids are electronic products, and any application of any technology requires power support. Therefore, the function of the hearing aid application will also affect the battery life.

2.The power consumption of the hearing aid is directly related to the performance of the battery, the length of time the user uses the hearing aid, and the function of the hearing aid. Of course, if the hearing aid is particularly power-hungry, it should be considered whether the hearing aid is damp.

3.The domestic battery life is generally shorter than the imported battery. In fact, this can be seen from the price of the two batteries.

4.It is necessary to remind the user that when you are resting, let your hearing aid rest and rest it in the desiccant box to remove its moisture, because the hearing aid is damp and the hearing aid is very power hungry.

5.In addition, when it is particularly power hungry, it should be considered whether the hearing aid electronics are damaged.

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