1.When should I wear a hearing aid?

Whether it is an adult or an infant, when the average hearing loss is ≥40dB, the hearing cannot be improved by drugs, surgery, etc., and the hearing aid should be selected when the doctor diagnoses irreversible hearing loss.

2.Who is suitable for fitting hearing aids?

Anyone who has deafness of any nature can be an option for hearing aids when they are expected to improve their verbal communication skills. In general, people with moderate hearing loss benefit most from the use of hearing aids.

3. How to use the hearing aid correctly?

There are three main principles to be aware of when using hearing aids: moisture, shock, and earwax. Moisture easily causes the components inside the hearing aid to be rusted and rusted. Therefore, it is necessary to put the hearing aid into the drying box to absorb moisture every day; the earwax is easy to cause the occlusion of the earphone in the ear, causing silence, and the lighter only needs to clean the receiver, which is serious. Replace the receiver, so to keep the ear canal clean, it is best to clean the ear canal with a cotton swab every day. If too much earwax is needed, go to the hospital for cleaning…

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