Hearing aid indicationsHow can hearing aids adapt?

The first wearer adapts to the environment and time first. After adapting to a quiet environment for a period of time, wearing a complicated environment, the process gradually adapts the brain to the collected sound..Wear it according to the four-week rehabilitation plan. Week 1: Wear it at home for a short time to accommodate the sounds of everyday life. The voice of the family to talk to is not too big, but it needs to be slowed down and the voice is clear.

The second week: You can go out to the park, the quiet part of the woods to feel the sound.

Week 3: You can go to a public place. At this time, pay attention to adjust the volume until you are comfortable. Some noise that you can’t hear before is normal, you need to adapt.

Week 4: After you have adapted to the changes that the hearing aids bring to you, you can work and live with ease and experience the fun of the world of sound.

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