Hearing aids can be heard but cannot be heard because of what

If you can’t hear it, you can think about it from two angles:

First, the sound of the hearing aid is not clear enough; the sound size of the hearing aid is not suitable or the hearing aid can not selectively amplify the sound you want to listen to. This is objectively unclear and the sound is unclear.

Second, the hearing aid is clearly enlarged, but its own resolution is relatively poor. This is related to the cause of hearing loss (cause). You can judge whether your resolution is good by testing the speech recognition rate.

Third, the above two aspects may be the cause of the inaudible hearing. Which reason, the need for hearing aid assessment, speech test to judge. 4. It is possible that what you said is inaudible. In a complex environment, the resolution ability in a complex listening environment is higher than that in the quiet environment, so it is inaudible. The phenomenon.

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