Hearing aids can be worn if you buy one

If you are damaged by one ear, you can achieve the desired result after debugging. The normal ear can only reach 100%.30Left and right effects, if you are damaged by both ears, you need to match your ears to achieve the desired effect. If only one ear is used, the other sound will be filtered by the other ear, which will not achieve the desired effect.

Hearing aid fitting process:1.Consultation file (focus on the patient’s hearing loss time)2.Understand the medical history (mainly understand whether there is no history of noise exposure, family inheritance, tinnitus, dizziness and other ear diseases)3.Video otoscopy (ear canal enlargement)30Times, you can see the HD ear canal model)4.Pure tone audiometry (the most critical step, detecting the patient’s hearing loss and judging the nature of the hearing loss)5.Analysis of the results of the analysis.6.The hearing aid selects the mode.7.Determine the fit plan (including the optional price)8.Hearing aid evaluation.9.Hearing aid use and hearing rehabilitation guidance. Then there is the post-sales, maintenance and tracking service.

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