Can hearing aids be heard?Hearing aid auditio

1. Hearing aids are definitely available for audition, but audition is divided into both short-term and short-term methods.

2,Any fitting service center can do short-term hearing aid audition, which means that when you go to the site to prepare the hearing aid, you must first audition, listen to two or three brands or models, and choose to listen to the appropriate hearing aid for purchase.In the process, the fitter needs to fine-tune the hearing aid according to your hearing and listening response. This process is actually audition.

3,The above-mentioned short-term audition sometimes cannot test the effect, because the reality that the individual wants to solve is always that the fitting center can’t simulate, so it needs to do short-term audition. Generally, the short-term audition can be1-2During the week, the user wears a hearing aid and goes back to his difficult scene to audition. Try it out.2,3After a brand, you may be able to find a brand that can solve your real listening problems. This kind of audition time is a real audition. The audition process usually requires payment of the full amount to the service center. If you can’t find a satisfactory hearing aid, you can get a refund. The professional level of the fitting center that provides this service is generally higher. Because they have confidence in their skills and product combinations.

4,Service centers that provide short-term audition are sometimes inaccessible, and you need to find several service centers to compare.

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