Hearing aid tinnitusIs the hearing aid helpful for tinnitus?

The hearing aid does not help the tinnitus, because the hearing aid is mainly responsible for replacing the function of the ear tympanic membrane. The hearing aid converts the external voice into sound waves and transmits it to the small bones, so that the small bones vibrate and the sound is heard. The tinnitus is mainly caused by otitis media or cerebral neurasthenia, and the hearing aid does not have any therapeutic effect on otitis media and cerebral neurasthenia, so the hearing aid does not help the tinnitus.

At the same time, if the person with tinnitus wears a hearing aid, it will also stimulate the ear canal and then increase the otitis media, which will eventually lead to increased tinnitus, because the hearing aid will expand the received sound waves several times before returning to the small bone, so excessive sound waves can easily damage the ear canal leading to otitis media. Therefore, if you have tinnitus, it is best to go to the hospital otolaryngology to see a doctor and listen to the doctor’s advice. If there is no problem with the check, you can hold your ears tightly by hand.30Quickly release after two seconds, repeat5To10Second, it has great benefits for the treatment of tinnitus. Persistence in doing a month will be a good result!

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