2017 9 month 19 Day, hearing a “dream-by-dream” charity team came to Chengdu Qingyang District Disabled Persons’ Federation, and organized a hearing clinic with the organizer. The activities include: “ear disease prevention and protection” lectures, regular ear detection (video otoscopy), blood pressure testing and on-site hearing counseling.

In the morning 8: 30 or so, the auditory has a “dream-by-dream” charity team began to play.

About 9: 00, the disabled friends who were invited to the scene were all signed in.

After the signing is completed, the main person in charge of the Disabled Persons’ Federation will preside over the venue.

In the morning, 9: 30, a hearing of a senior fitter, Dr. Ren Huimin gave a lecture on “Prevention and Protection of Ear Diseases”.

The lectures focused on ear structure, ear disease prevention and protection, and hearing loss solutions for nearly an hour.

After the lecture was completed, I heard that the “dream-by-dream” charity team distributed small gifts to everyone and took a group photo.

Finally, the “dream-by-dream” charity team conducted hearing tests, blood pressure testing, and on-site consultation for disabled friends.

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