Hearing impairment test– See which grade you belong to

Divided into conductive deafness, neurological deafness and mixed deafness

  Conductivity: Deafness is caused by the influence of external sound waves passing through the outer ear and the middle ear to the inner ear. Such as external and middle ear developmental malformations, external auditory canal obstruction, otitis media and so on.

  Neurological: Hearing damage caused by lesions in the auditory nerve or brain auditory center, including congenital, senile, and drug-induced deafness.

  Mixed: both, such as chronic suppurative otitis media, otosclerosis.

2, hearing impairment rating

  The average of the four domains of 0.5, 1, and 2kHz is based on the average of the hearing loss, and the hearing damage is divided into five levels:

  Mild26-40dB), hearing is a little difficult, usually without wearing a hearing aid;

  Moderate41-55dB), hearing impairment is obvious, should be aided;

  Moderate to severe (56-70), moderately difficult to listen to, should be heard;

  Severe71-90dB), hearing difficulties are severe and must be aided or implanted in artificial ear sockets.

Extremely severe90dB or more), hearing is extremely difficult.

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