Hearing is not good, it is easy to snoring, will hearing aids be better?

Of course, it will be good. Most of these elderly people are inductive neurological hearing loss. With the increase of age, the inner ear hears the degeneration of hair cells, and the brain’s auditory center is also resolving. The main loss is high frequency and high. The frequency consonant can’t be heard, so the phenomenon of hearing the sound but not understanding the content of the speech appears. It is recommended to take the old man to the hearing center as soon as possible, and choose the appropriate hearing aid to help the elderly.

The main role of hearing aids is to help hearing-impaired patients hear sound. The main reason for the occurrence of snoring is that there is no reason to hear it, and the most basic condition for hearing it is to hear the sound. In the case of hearing loss, some people will not hear the sound. In the case of listening to other people’s speeches, it is very easy to hear the contents of the speech, and naturally they love to fight. Therefore, when the elderly wear a hearing aid, they will get compensation for the sound, and the phenomenon of snoring will naturally be improved.

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