Hearing makes you still hear the future

3 month 3 Day Love Day has passed for half a month, but our March Love Month event continues. It is best to be in March at 4 o’clock. In March of 2018, we summed it up and we did a lot of things and met many wonderful people.

In Yangjiang, Guangdong, we invited experienced audiologists to teach. Everyone is surrounded by Teacher Gong. She analyzes the baby’s hearing situation according to the hearing report and tells her what to do in the future. Knowing a little more, the heart is more stable.

Looking to Wenjiang, Sichuan, a special “hearing gas station” has been set up here. We provide free hearing and science listening knowledge to nearby residents. A “little princess” is curious about this little instrument for checking the ears. Young, keep curiosity right.

The wind of “listening, affectionate, and ethical” has blown to the beautiful Suzhou. We will organize a hearing knowledge lecture together with the Wuzhong District Special Children’s Rehabilitation Center to explain the knowledge of ear, ear protection and prevention for parents. Every parent comes for the future of the child. Who is arrogant, and reported to San Chunhui.

Here is Mianyang, where there is a group of “little sheep” who love to learn. “In the future, I will love my ears, listen to my headphones, and have more ears! The doctor said that this is good for the body.” A child said. Love Ears has kept tens of thousands of people away from hearing loss every year, but it can be more influential. Hearing has the hope to promote the knowledge of otology and hearing health through this series of activities, and enhance your awareness of health and ear protection.

Hear the future, from the beginning of prevention, we are in action.

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