Hearing self-test—–

Do you suspect that hearing is not as good as it used to be? Do you feel that there are some difficulties in answering the phone? Many situations in your daily life can reflect your hearing level!

Please complete the following 11 questions:


1. Do you feel that people around you are screaming or talking less loudly than before?

2. After a long conversation, do you feel tired and annoying?

3. Do you often catch keywords in sentences or often ask others to repeat?

4. When you are in a team, or in a crowded restaurant, can you not talk to others?

5. Does background noise interfere with you when you talk to people in public?

6. Do you often have to turn up the volume of your TV or radio?

7. Can you not hear the knock on the door or the phone ringing?

8. When you are in the kitchen, will you not hear the sound of water?

9. Are you having trouble communicating by phone?

10. Is it difficult for you to accurately point out the location of the sounding object (eg alarm clock or phone)?

11. Has anyone close to you mentioned that your hearing may be problematic?

If the answer to the five questions is “yes”, it means that you are likely to lose some of your hearing. Contact the hearing and the fitter to get more help. The national service hotline: 400-900-5669.

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