Hereditary deafness – what is hereditary deafness

The ear is an important organ in our body, but what about the deafness, many of the little friends are not particularly understanding, in the understanding of many small partners, they think that they are only hearing partners. It is possible that the baby born to the child is still deaf.

However, the real fact is not like this. In our current society, most of the deaf children are born out of normal life. Many younger children may be more naughty in their daily life. Trick or treat, some parents will use violence to hit the child’s face, which is also a reason that may cause the child to be deaf. In severe cases, the child is likely to be deaf for a lifetime. If we plug our two ears and try to feel no sound, how terrible it is. There are nearly 20 million small partners who have obstacles in hearing in our country. Therefore, we should care for these hearing-impaired friends and give them some help.

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