How can hearing aids adapt?

Because different people wear different hearing aids, there are different reactions, so be sure to follow the hearing aid wearing rehabilitation program. After a period of exercise and matching, you will be comfortable. Generally, the first month of wearing a hearing aid is best in a quiet environment..

the first week1-2Hours, use in a quiet environment at home, if you feel uncomfortable, take a break. the second week,2-3Hours, but also try to stay in a quiet environment, the third week,3-4Hours, you can go out to wear, in the community, parks and other environments, the fourth week,5-6Hours, if you are not uncomfortable, you can wear it for a while, you can go to the vegetable market, the roadside and other noisy environments. It varies from person to person. If someone feels wearing it for a long time and is tired, it can also reduce the wearing time, but wear it every day. I used to use it every day.

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