How did the first generation hearing aids change the original habits?

After the adult wears the hearing aid for the first time, the biggest feeling is that a large amount of sound suddenly bursts into the ear, and the sound heard is disorderly and indistinguishable. This is because the sound quality amplified by the hearing aid is different from the original recognized sound quality. Habits, followed by the original unspeakable voice, have now been heard, changing the state of silence that has been in the state of deafness for a long time. The auditory center is difficult to recognize immediately, so it is unclear, and some people think it is better not to wear it. . In addition, due to the aging of the related auditory organs, some elderly people’s analytical ability has also declined, and the information of the outside world cannot be well understood. Therefore, some elderly people are unwilling to wear them when they first wear hearing aids. In fact, these can be gradually overcome in the adaptive training of hearing aids. This also requires our fittings to explain the initial problems to themselves and their families when they are equipped with hearing aids. They should not be eager to seek success. adapt.

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