How is there water in the tube of the hearing aid?

In the winter, when the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, condensed water will form in the sound tube of the hearing aid, which is easy to produce as soon as it is cold and hot, just like wearing water in the winter, the water will form rapidly from the outdoor to the indoor mirror. It is found that water vapor should be removed in time and the water should be pulled out. Usually, keep it dry and the water vapor will affect the sound.

The pipe has moisture, which is the “condensed water” formed by the cold weather. The weather turns cold. The temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is relatively common. Condensed water can cause the hearing aid to become small or feel silent. You can easily solve this problem yourself. At this time, just pull out the sound tube and force the water inside to remove it. You can also use electronic drying and drying regularly.

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