How long does hearing recovery usually occur after sudden deafness treatment?

How long it takes for hearing to recover should be the most concerned issue for patients with sudden deafness. But in fact, how long does the patient’s treatment recover, and the extent to which the hearing can be restored, the doctor can’t say exactly how long the treatment can heal, and can only make a rough judgment based on his clinical experience. Because the recovery of sudden deafness is related to many factors, there are probably the following.

1. Time of onset. The prime time for sudden deafness treatment should be within one week. After the sudden deafness is found, regular treatment is given. Most people can recover their hearing, and if they are dragged to a month or even longer, this time The hair cells in the ear have decayed and are irreversible, causing permanent hearing damage. Therefore, timely treatment is critical.

2. The type of sudden deafness. Sudden deafness can be divided into low frequency type, high frequency type, flat type and full type according to different hearing damage. These types of treatments vary, and the degree of hearing recovery varies. In general, low-frequency hearing loss after treatment, hearing can return to normal in about half a month, while the total sputum and high-frequency type after treatment, the cure rate is not very satisfactory.

3. It is associated with the accompanying symptoms of sudden deafness and other diseases. Patients with sudden deafness and dizziness and tinnitus have no obvious effect on the treatment of patients with simple hearing loss. At the same time, if you still have chronic systemic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure, the treatment effect will be compromised.

4. It is related to age and the degree of hearing loss. The older you are, the better your natural hearing recovery is. In the same way, the higher the degree of hearing loss, the easier it is to recover.

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