Hearing aids fitting

Hearing aids fitting

What Otolaryngologists Need to Know About OTC Hearing Aids


The prevalence of hearing loss nearly doubles with every decade of life, such that nearly two-thirds of adults 70 years of age or older have hearing loss (Arch Intern Med. 2011;171:1851–1852). However, fewer than one in five hearing-impaired adults report hearing aid use (Arch Intern Med. 2012;172:292–293). This disparity recently prompted numerous national organizations, including [...]

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Hearing aids fitting for children


The fitting of children’s hearing aids is very different from that of adults, because the acoustic characteristics of children’s ears are different from those of adults, and children are at the stage of growth and development, which is also a critical stage of speech and language development. Significant impact. Because children often cannot cooperate to [...]

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Hearing Aid Fitting Selection Procedure and 11 Steps


In the selection of hearing aids, in addition to considering the details of the patient’s hearing loss, hearing aid performance and other details, the routine steps need to be followed to complete the selection.Step 1. Medical history collectionMedical history collection includes the following:① Understand the biggest confusion and obstacles brought by the patient’s current hearing [...]

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