JH- D26 Rechargeable BTE Hearing Aid

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JH- D26 Rechargeable BTE Hearing Aid

  • JH- D26 Rechargeable BTE Hearing Aid
  • JH- D26 Rechargeable BTE Hearing Aid


1) Telecoil works by turning off the regular microphone on your hearing aid and only picking up the sounds from the phone, FM, or audio loops. You can put the hearing aid on the telecoil program by pressing the button on the back of your hearing aid. You may need to move the phone around a bit until you find the best sound.

When your hearing aid is on the telecoil program, the microphone is not on, so you will not hear anything until you have a working telephone next to your ear or in a “looped” room.

2) Treble Setting – Reduces High-Frequency Sounds including Feedback (whistling)
If you feel like you’ve been missing out, do not wait, act now! If you’ve been missing parts of conversations, or continuously increasing the volume on the TV. D26 hearing amplifier can help to amplify those sounds and keep your brain healthy and actively processing speech.

D26 Hearing Aid is the most powerful, easy-to-use device among behind the ear hearing aids (BTE hearing aids). D26 has directional microphones, which allow for super clear sound quality. This new technology is so impressive.
D26 BTE hearing aids are extremely easy to use and are powerful enough to help even those with moderate to severe hearing loss. Each behind the ear hearing aid is extremely discrete, and these are the highest performing BTE devices.

D26 is tiny but has enough functionality:

Fully digital, noise filtering and cancelling technology
Nearly invisible over the outer ear when worn
Extremely easy to use and adjust thanks to its large buttons
Powerful enough to help almost any level of hearing loss

D26 is the perfect solution for any level of hearing loss, or any conditions in which you need help hearing (time with family, TV, restaurants, etc.).

Comfortable BTE model, easy to use
Tiny size, invisible behind the ear
Wire thin receiver tube invisible to the eye
Fits ear canal nicely without discomfort
Easy to use Up and Down volume buttons
Low Battery Warning
Frequency controls for unique environments
Normal/everyday frequencies
Noise Reduction frequencies
Television frequencies
Feedback Control
Automatic Noise Reduction capabilities
Automatic Feedback Canceller